After Graduation

After Graduation

Prepared for Success

At a time when careers in the environmental arena are expected to grow, UE's Environmental Studies program ensures that our graduates have the tools they will need to succeed in the field.

Careers in environmental science and environmental administration are predicted to grow in the next decade. Due to the intensity and complexity of most environmental problems, continued demand for qualified scientists and administrators can be expected.

Important decisions concerning our environment will be made in the near future, so individuals who are looking for rewarding careers and who want to make a difference should consider an environmental career. For example, environmental scientists with expertise to protect natural resources will be important for ecotourism, forestry, fisheries, and wildlife; environmental chemists will provide critical knowledge for evaluating water and air quality; ecologists trained in conservation will be critical to continued maintenance of natural habitats and to the restoration of biodiversity where it has been lost.

Similarly, administrators with knowledge and training related to environmental law and policy will be vital for government entities that are associated with permitting and monitoring potential pollutants.

Alumni Profile

Matt Riehle
Class of 2001

As an environmental scientist at an Evansville civil engineering, environmental consulting, and planning firm, Matt Riehle believes UE's environmental studies program equipped him for his career. "The environmental science program provided me with a wide range of experiences through classroom, lab, and field work in a variety of disciplines that really challenged and prepared me."

In his position, Matt conducts NEPA studies, wetland delineations, stream evaluations, wildlife surveys, water resource permitting, and a variety of other tasks. "I really enjoy what I do on a day-to-day basis. My three-semester co-op experience in the environmental department at Toyota in Princeton, Indiana, reaffirmed I was on the right track with my career goals. This work helped me gain additional experience in my field of study and provided a much-needed pay check."

It's the overall experience Matt received in the environmental studies program that makes him recommend it to others. "When I changed my major to environmental science as a sophomore, Professor Kaufman was very helpful in explaining potential career paths while also working with me to ensure I graduated on time. At UE, students have the opportunity to get to know their professors on a personal level. The professors are not only extremely helpful, but they are also great people."


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