Why Study Russian?

The Russian Language...

  • is the primary language of the 150 million citizens of the Russian Federation, as the Russian state calls itself, and is the native language of approximately 30 million people living in the other states which were formed after the dissolution of the Soviet Union.
  • is the key that opens up one of the most important economic, political, and cultural areas of the world. It opens up the largest country of the world and one of the largest producers of natural gas and oil in the world.
  • is the means to understand one of the major European literatures.


  • has some of the most spectacular cities and cultural sites in the world.
  • has some of the most spectacular natural beauty in the world.
  • is a major player on the global scene.
  • has one of the most highly educated populations in the world.
  • is a leader in computer technology and new media.

Students who study Russian language and culture...

  • have the opportunity to use their language and culture skills in a broad variety of settings in both Russia and the United States.
  • go on to work in business as financial and policy analysts for American and Russian companies.
  • work for non-governmental organizations, for publishing houses, for the print and broadcast media.
  • consult in fields such as marketing, advertising, aerospace, and computer engineering.
  • work as teachers in universities and schools, and as employees of the United States government.

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