University of Evansville

Health Services Administration

UE offers a combined five-year bachelor and masters's health services administration degree.

5-Week Summer Harlaxton Program

May 16 – June 19, 2014

Two Health Services Administration courses will be offered during the Harlaxton summer session, May 16 to June 19, 2014. Students may take one or both courses. The priority deadline for receipt of applications is January 24, 2014. Applications will be accepted after that date on a space available basis.

Visits are planned to modern health care facilities and relevant historical sites in Nottingham, Lincoln, Leicester and Eyam. Other activities include group discussions with British citizens concerning the consumer's view of the British health care system.

The five-week classes meet for two hours each day Monday through Thursday, with travel opportunities during the three-day weekends. Students will have the opportunity to travel on college-sponsored trips as well as individual travel. One week of class will be devoted to field trips.

There are no specific prerequisites for these courses and all majors are welcome. Registration for the 5-week class is processed by the University of Evansville Study Abroad Office


This course examines the origin and current status of the health care system in Great Britain. Visits are planned to modern health care facilities and historical sites in Leicester, Nottingham, Grantham, and Lincoln. Other activities include group discussions with British citizens concerning the consumer’s view on the British health care system. British health care professionals will visit and discuss their role in the National Health Service. A surcharge of $350 is assessed for required field trips. A tuition surcharge is assessed if the course is taken at the graduate level. All majors welcome. No prerequisite.

HSA 406/506 JURISPRUDENCE AND ETHICS IN HEALTH CARE (3) Professor William Stroube

This class discusses ethical and legal issues in health care and their application to the health care organization, administrator, staff, employees, and patients. Topics include issues at the end of life, distribution of health care, privacy, and regulatory issues. This class may be taken alone or in conjunction with one of the other four health-related classes. For students not enrolled in another health care class, a surcharge of $350 will be assessed for required field trips. A tuition surcharge is assessed if the course is taken at the graduate level. All majors welcome. No prerequisite.

  • Applications and deposits should be submitted as soon as possible to ensure your place in courses with limited enrollment and so course enrollment figures may be projected. Enrollment is determined by the order in which deposits are received.
  • A non-refundable deposit of $250 is due by January 24, 2014 (or at the time of application if the application is submitted after January 24). However, if a course is cancelled due to insufficient enrollment, your deposit will be refunded. Once a course is confirmed after January 24, the deposit is not refundable or transferable to a different course.
  • A minimum of eight deposited tuition-paying students is required for a summer course to be offered at Harlaxton. Decisions will be made about the status of all courses just after the January 24, 2014 priority deadline.
  • Minimum GPA requirements: 2.00 cumulative and 2.00 in the semester prior to departure.

HARLAXTON COLLEGE SUMMER SCHOOL 2014 — preliminary October 2013

Summer School Dates

  • May 16: Depart USA
  • May 17: Arrival at London Heathrow Airport and transfer to Harlaxton College
  • May 18: Orientation
  • May 19: Classes begin
  • June 18: Final examinations; last day of summer school
  • June 19: All summer school participants depart the manor; departure for end-of-term trip; earliest departure for USA for students not planning end-of-term travel
  • June 23: End-of-term trip returns to London; overnight in London at your own expense
  • June 24: Return to USA or independent travel

Estimated Costs

Payable to University of Evansville by April 20, 2014 (Final official costs will be confirmed in March 2014)

Comprehensive cost: $3,830

Includes three hours of undergraduate tuition, housing, meals, student activity fee, local Harlaxton shuttle fee, health and wellness fee, technology fee, and airport pick-up at London Heathrow (only) for passengers landing on May 17th by 10:00 am. The comprehensive cost for graduate students who enroll in three credits is $4,880. See below for comments on course-related fees and airport return.

Additional Expenses

Airfare: You are responsible for making your own air travel arrangements to London Heathrow Airport and paying individually for the airline ticket. The Study Abroad Office will provide an optional group airline ticket bid when available. Estimate: $1,000-$1,200 round trip Chicago-London.

Airport Return: Students not on the end-of-term trip will need to budget for their return trip to the airport (see below). Participants in the Paris trip will be returned to London Heathrow at the conclusion of the trip at no additional cost.

Course Surcharges: Both Health Services Administration courses have required field trips, excursions, and entrance fees and will be assessed a $350 surcharge. This fee will be billed and payable in advance. Students enrolled in both HSA courses will pay only one fee.

Personal Expenses: Students need to budget for books, travel, and personal items.


Bill Stroube, PhD

Bill Stroube is professor and director of the health services administration program at the University of Evansville. He has published in the areas of international health care issues, health care marketing, and health care ethics. Before joining the UE faculty in 1998, he spent 12 years in management positions in the pharmaceutical industry and eight years at the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in Washington, D.C. He has extensive experience leading student groups through the British health care system and has taught 17 short-term courses in England.

Please contact Bill Stroube for more information about these courses: — 812-488-2870