Peter L. Schmidt

Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering
Doctor of Philosophy, Vanderbilt University

Koch Center Room 289 812-488-2066

I am a practicing engineer with over 30 years of experience in total. I started full time in academia over 10 years ago, after working in government, manufacturing and consulting. I continue to work on projects in conjunction with industry and other external stakeholders via consulting and through supervision of student work. I have continuously been involved in capstone course delivery. I have supervised nearly 30 capstone design projects, and been funded on more than 10 external research projects. My teaching experience has concentrated in the area of engineering mechanics and in project based design courses, where I bring expertise as a practitioner to the student experience.

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  • Doctor of Philosophy, Mechanical Engineering
    Vanderbilt University, August 2006
  • Future Faculty Preparatory Program Teaching Certificate
    Vanderbilt University, May 2006
  • Master of Science, Mechanical Engineering
    Rose Hulman Institute of Technology, May 1991
  • Bachelor of Science, Mechanical Engineering
    University of Louisville, August 1986


  • August 2015 – Present
    University of Evansville
    Associate Professor, Department of Mechanical and Civil Engineering
  • July 2013 – June 2015
    University of North Carolina at Charlotte
    Associate Professor with permanent tenure, Department of Engineering Technology and Construction Management
  • April 2013 – June 2015
    University of North Carolina at Charlotte
    Research Affiliate, Energy Production and Infrastructure Center (EPIC), Large Energy Component Design and Manufacturing Research Cluster
  • May 2010 – May 2012
    National Aeronautics and Space Administration
    Faculty Fellow, NASA Exploration Systems Mission Directorate, Kennedy Space Center
  • August 2007 – June 2013
    University of North Carolina at Charlotte
    Assistant Professor, Department of Engineering Technology and Construction Management
  • August 2006 – July 2007
    Vanderbilt University
    Lecturer and Research Associate, Department of Mechanical Engineering
  • January 2003 – August 2006
    Vanderbilt University
    Research Assistant, Department of Mechanical Engineering
  • June 2001 – December 2002
    United Technologies Corporation, Carrier Division
    Senior Mechanical Engineer, Residential HVAC Department
  • December 1996 – May 2001
    CDAI Consulting
    Senior Consultant, Acoustics, noise and vibration
  • May 1992 – October 1995
    Wynn’s International, Precision Rubber Division
    Senior Applications Engineer, Automotive, off-road and consumer goods
  • October 1986 – April 1992
    Naval Surface Warfare Center, Crane Division
    Mechanical Engineer GS-12, Hydroacoustic Devices Branch

Specialty Areas:

  • Noise and Vibration
  • Architectural and Occupational Acoustics
  • Multidomain Modeling
  • Design Theory and Practice

Professional Memberships:

  • ASEE
  • ASME
  • ASA
  • INCE

Professional Registration:

  • Tennessee
  • Georgia

Peer Reviewed Journal Publications:

  • Peter L Schmidt, Jameson K Nelson, Rodney G Handy, Jonathan S Morrell, Mark J Jackson and Tracy M Rees “Non-contact measurements of acoustic emissions from the single point turning process”, International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, (2017), 93(9), 3907-3920.
  • Mark Jackson, Jameson Nelson, Mike Whitfield, Jonathan Morrell, Rod Handy and P.L. Schmidt, “Plano-Grinding of Explosive Surrogates” Part B: Journal of Engineering Manufacture (2017): 1-12.
  • P.L. Schmidt, Rod Handy, Travis Anderson , Wesley Williams, Jonathan Morrell and Mark Jackson “Residual Surface Stress: Comparing Traditional and Modulated Tool Path Machining Processes”, Materials Science and Technology (2016), 32(14) 1471-1483.
  • P.L. Schmidt, D.G. Walker, D. Yuhas and M. Mutton, “Thermal measurements using ultrasonic acoustical pyrometry”, Ultrasonics, Volume 54, Issue 4, pp 1029-1036, 2014.
  • P.L. Schmidt and K.D. Frampton, “Acoustic radiation from a simple structure in supersonic flow”, Journal of Sound and Vibration, Volume 328, Issue 3, pp 243-258, 2009.
  • P.L. Schmidt and K.D. Frampton, “Effects of in-plane forces on convected, fluid loaded plates”, Journal of Vibration and Acoustics, Volume 131, pp 1-8, 2009.
  • S.M. Williams, P.L. Schmidt, I.E. Amundson and K.D Frampton, “Source localization using regularized inversion”, Applied Acoustics, Volume 67, pp 996-1008, 2006.

Other Publications:

  1. Peter Schmidt and Philip Lax, “Use of computer coding to teach design in a mechanics course, resulting in an implementation of a kinematic mechanism design tool using PYTHON”, Proceedings of the 2018 ASEE Conference, Salt Lake City, NV, June 2018.
  2. Lucas Valdez, John Ziegert and Peter Schmidt, “Uncertainty of in-process roundness measurement using the multi-probe error separation method”, Proceedings of the 2015 American Society for Precision Engineering Conference, Austin, TX, November 2015.
  3. Ertunga Ozelkan, Peter Schmidt, Devin Hatley, Kathleen Ann Boutin-Pasterz, “Interactive Bottle Recycler: A “Green” Senior Design Project Case Study”, Proceedings of the 2013 ASEE Conference, Atlanta, GA, June 2013.
  4. Peter Schmidt, James Conrad, “Capstone 101: A framework for Implementation of an ABET Compliant Capstone Sequence”, Proceedings of the 2012 ASEE Conference, San Antonio, TX, June 2012.
  5. Peter Schmidt, Gloria Murphy, Janusz Zalewski, Thomas Morris, Christina Carmen, Paul van Susante, “Case Studies in Application of System Engineering Practices to Capstone Projects” Proceedings of the 2011 ASEE Conference, Vancouver, B.C., Canada, June 2011.
  6. Peter Schmidt, Bruce Gehrig, Deborah Sharer, Nabila (Nan) BouSaba, Daniel Hoch, James Conrad, Steve Patterson, “A Simplified Documentation Control System For Use With A Capstone Senior Design Program” Proceedings of the 2010 ASEE Conference, Louisville, KY, June 2010.
  7. Peter Schmidt, James Conrad, Nan BouSaba, William Heybruck, Daniel Hoch, Martin Kane, Patricia Tolley, and Linda Thurman, “Student Evaluations of Sponsor Interaction in a Capstone Interdisciplinary Senior Design Program,” Proceedings of the 2009 ASEE Conference, Austin, TX, June 2009.
  8. James Conrad, Nan BouSaba, William Heybruck, Daniel Hoch, Peter Schmidt and Deborah Sharer, “Assessing Senior Design Project Deliverables,” Proceedings of the 2009 ASEE Conference, Austin, TX, June 2009.
  9. James Conrad, William Heybruck, Daniel Hoch, Martin Kane, Peter Schmidt, Frank Skinner, and Linda Thurman, “Working with Industry Sponsors in a Multidisciplinary Senior Design Program,” Proceedings of the 2008 ASEE Conference, Pittsburgh, PA, June 2008.
  10. P.L. Schmidt, D.G. Walker, D. Yuhas and M. Mutton, “Thermal measurements of harsh environments using indirect acoustical pyrometry", 2007 ASME IMECE conference.
  11. I.E. Amundson, P.L. Schmidt and K.D. Frampton, “Acoustic source localization with a distributed sensor network", 2004 ASME IMECE conference.

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