Green Building Technology Project

Overpopulation, global warming, diminishing of natural resources, and pollution: These are just some of the reasons that modern society has made an effort to “go green.” In the last 80 years, the world population has increased by approximately 4 billion people. As a result, global warming and the depletion of the world’s natural resources has increased in severity causing a major strain on the Earth and concern for the wellbeing of future generations. If action is not taken now, consequences such as flooded coastlines, harsher droughts, disease, and toxic levels of pollution are predicted to take place.

As part of the 2007-08 senior project, a group of mechanical and civil engineering students came together to form a Green Technologies team. This interdisciplinary project consists of two parts: (1) retrofitting a local business to be more energy efficient and (2) competing in a nationwide competition to share innovative ideas as well as a collection of green technologies that could be applied to an existing commercial building. All aspects of part one of the project were considered when preparing the competition model.

The overall goal of the project is to see the business implement the team’s ideas and win the competition. Along the course of the project, team members begin and continue to learn the fundamentals of commercial building operations, environmental engineering, and how green technology can save money and aid in saving the Earth in the future. Team, writing, and shop skills as well as creativity and research capabilities are developed throughout the course of the year.

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