Other Project Options

ME 197/297 Design Project

Students are challenged to design several projects in courses like ME 197 and ME 297. Students are usually divided into teams and must design mechanisms to execute certain functions. For example in ME 197, teams design a pick-and-place mechanism to move marbles, a hopper to hold the marbles, and a feeder system that drops one marble at a time. The contest is to see which teams can successfully move the most marbles.

Project Schedule:

Below is a project schedule for a typical mechanical engineering student.

Freshman Year
Fall Semester: Tennis Ball Launcher Spring Semester: ME 197 (Required Option)
Sophomore Year
Fall Semester: Option Spring Semester: ME 297 (Required Option)
Junior Year
Fall Semester: Option Spring Semester: ME 397 (Required Option)
Senior Year
Fall Semester: Senior Design (Required Option) Spring Semester: Senior Design (Required Option*)

*Seniors play a role as the project's managers/leaders

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