Suzuki Pedagogy Certificate

The University of Evansville is one of only a handful of undergraduate institutions to offer specific study and training in the Suzuki Talent Education Method. The certificate is a 12 credit hour program that offers comprehensive teacher training to violinists pursuing any degree in music and includes six semesters of classroom study and observation of experienced teachers. Upon completion, participants receive a Suzuki pedagogy certificate that may be registered with the Suzuki Association of the Americas.

In Suzuki pedagogy classes students study Shinichi Suzuki's philosophy of education and his impact on current learning theories about early childhood education. They learn and practice skills for teaching fundamental techniques of string playing and study the music and teaching points of eight volumes of the Suzuki Violin Method.™ Classes are taught by Professor Carol J. Dallinger, Registered Teacher Trainer with the Suzuki Association of the Americas.

Suzuki Violin Pedagogy Certificate Required Courses (12 credit hours)

  • MUS 260, 261: Suzuki Pedagogy I, II (2 credit hours each)
  • MUS 360, 361: Suzuki Pedagogy III, IV (2 credit hours each)
  • MUS 460, 461: Suzuki Pedagogy V, VI (2 credit hours each)

Students who have graduated with Suzuki pedagogy training have gone on to earn master's degrees at prestigious institutions. They have established successful private studios, joined established university programs or combined positions as symphony performers with educational outreach programs. Several graduates have been featured presenters at national conferences held by the Suzuki Association of the Americas. They have served as clinicians at Suzuki institutes throughout the United States and have become educational leaders in their own regions.

"Dr. Suzuki's philosophy and teaching principles have been a major influence throughout my career and I am passionate about sharing these ideas with the next generation. Even if you are certain you will never ever teach, experience shows that most of us end up with students sometime in the future no matter what degree you earned in college. In addition Suzuki pedagogy students share with me that they have learned a lot about their own playing while taking these classes. By adding this certificate to your degree you will expand career options available after graduation. (For more information about Suzuki Talent Education you may visit the Suzuki Association of the Americas Web site)

I hope to meet you when you attend an upcoming Open House, or audition for the conservatory. For more information or to schedule a campus visit feel free to contact the Music Conservatory at 800-423-8633, ext. 2742 or fill in the online form." Carol Dallinger, Oramay Cluthe Eades Distinguished Professor of Music

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