Philosophy students will graduate with full development of critical thinking, reading, writing, and discussion skills, which form a solid foundation for a variety of careers

BA in Philosophy

The philosophy major and minor programs at the University of Evansville offer flexible options to allow students to tailor the curriculum to suit their individual interests and needs.

Philosophy Major Requirements (30 hours)

Core Courses (15 hours)

  • PHIL 121 - Introductory Ethics
  • PHIL 211 - Ancient Greek Philosophy
  • PHIL 221 - Modern European Philosophy
  • PHIL 231 - Symbolic Logic
  • PHIL 359 - Philosophical Classics

Technical Electives - Choose Any Five (15 hours)

  • PHIL 301 - Selected Topics in Philosophy (May be repeated for credit toward the major and minor as the topic changes)
  • PHIL 311 - Phenomenology and Existentialism
  • PHIL 316 - Environmental Ethics
  • PHIL 324 - Epistemology
  • PHIL 340 - Philosophy of Religion
  • PHIL 416 - Bioethics
  • PHIL 445 - Philosophy of Science
  • PHIL 446 - Philosophy of Law
  • PHIL 447 - Philosophy of Mind
  • PHIL 491 - Directed Study in Philosophy (May be applied only once toward the major)
  • COGS 498 - Seminar in Philosophy, Neuroscience and Psychology

Free Electives (43 hours)All students at the University of Evansville must complete a 41-hour general education program as indicated in the University Catalog, including PHIL 499, the Senior Seminar in Philosophy. In addition, students pursuing a B.A. must complete a second year of foreign language (6 hours), and all UE students must complete a total of 120 credit hours to graduate (with no more than 40 hours coming from a single subject area.) This leaves 43 hours of free elective space to be used at the students’ discretion.

The "Secondary Major" Declaration

The members of the philosophy faculty are unanimous in recommending that all philosophy majors pursue a second major, as this will increase their range of career opportunities. Popular choices in the past have included Archaeology, Cognitive Science, Economics, History, Literature, Mathematics, Physics, Political Science and Psychology.

Students pursuing more than one major at the University of Evansville must declare which of their majors is their primary and which is their secondary. Students who declare philosophy as their secondary major do not have to take the Senior Seminar in Philosophy, though they can if they wish. In addition, these students can count philosophy courses toward general education as outlined in the catalog. Primary majors in philosophy may not. Students who are pursuing a B.S. with their primary major and have declared philosophy and their secondary major do not have to take the additional six hours of foreign language

Philosophy Minor Requirements (18 hours)

Students pursuing a minor in philosophy must take six courses from those listed above. This selection can be made from either the list of core courses or technical electives and includes COGS 498.