Internet Resources

Here is a partial list of online philosophy resources that might be of immediate interest to students.

The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

The premiere model of an evolving, organic encyclopedia, the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy contains several lengthy and scholarly articles pertinent to philosophy as a whole and its many subdivisions.

The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Like the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy (SEP), the IEP is a comprehensive representation of philosophy written by experts in the field. Unlike the SEP, however, the IEP is written at a more approachable level and may therefore provide a better start for undergraduates wishing to explore philosophical topics.

Web Resource List for the Cognitive and Neural Sciences

There are many excellent resources on the Internet relating to the cognitive and neural sciences. These range from sites dedicated to neural imagining to those with hands-on cognitive models. Those interested in the philosophy of mind and cognitive science will find plenty to engage their attention on this list of resources developed by UE's programs in the cognitive and neural sciences.

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