Doctor of Physical Therapy Course Schemas

Students who plan to pursue physical therapy have two options for completing the program. An undergraduate and professional degree can be completed in six (3+3 track) or seven (4+3 track) years.

3+3 track: Three years of undergraduate course work is best suited for students who meet direct entry admission criteria and seek a degree in either exercise science, interdisciplinary studies, or public health.

4+3 track: Four years of undergraduate course work is best suited and may promote a richer educational experience for students who do not meet direct entry admission criteria; who wish to pursue an undergraduate degree in athletic training, biology, health services administration, public heath, or another area; who desire to study abroad at Harlaxton for a full semester, or who want to participate in Division I athletics. Five years of undergraduate study may be necessary for athletic training majors who wish to participate in Division I athletics.

Interdisciplinary Studies (IS)

The IS undergraduate major is designed for the individual who may have a variety of academic interests. A key word when discussing the IS major is flexibility. A major in IS allows the student to select courses from at least two distinct academic disciplines. The student's IS plan of study must be approved by the IS committee.

Doctor of Physical Therapy Schema

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