Admission Process for Current UE Students

Admission into the professional program is selective; 40 students are admitted each year. Direct entry candidates who achieve the academic requirements, required cumulative and prerequisite GPAs, maintain their campus involvement, complete their physical therapy observation hours, and submit their Direct Entry verification form by the required date are not required to participate in the selection process. For all other applicants, admission decisions are made using cumulative and science and math prerequisite course GPAs, professional recommendations, written application assessment, personal interview, observations and knowledge of the profession, and an on-campus writing assignment.

Assessment of your application will not begin until all of your materials are received. Application materials will be available on this website beginning July 1, 2015.

  • Transcript Assessment-If your transcript assessment indicates that you have a 3.0 or higher prerequisite science and math GPA, a 3.0 or higher cumulative GPA, that you have completed at least four of the seven science prerequisite courses and that you have achieved a grade of C or higher in your prerequisite courses, your application will be assessed by the Selection Committee. You will receive extra points for coursework successfully completed at UE. Your extra points will be added to the points you receive for GPA, application and interview during the selection process.

Prerequisite Courses:

  • Biology 107+* - 4 semester hours - (1 semester general biology with lab)
  • Exercise Science 112* and 113* - 8 semester hours - (1 year anatomy and physiology with lab)
  • Chemistry 118+* and 240* - 8 semester hours - (1 semester general chemistry with lab and 1 semester organic chemistry with lab)
  • Physics 121+* and 122* - 8 semester hours - (1 year general physics with lab)
  • Math 105** - 3 semester hours - (1 semester college algebra) or demonstrated proficiency
  • Psychology 121++ - 3 semester hours
  • Physical Therapy 100 - 1 semester hour (medical terminology)
  • Sociology 105- 3 semester hours is strongly recommended but not required

* Science prerequisite
** Math 105 fulfills the physical therapy prerequisite and the University general education requirement
+ Meets natural sciences general education requirement
++ Meets human behavior and society general education requirement

You may repeat two of the prerequisite courses with the exception of Medical Terminology. The highest grade will be used when calculating the science and math prerequisite GPA.

Once matriculated to the University of Evansville, 10 credit hours of coursework may be completed at other institutions. Courses taken at other institutions must be pre-approved by the University's Office of the Registrar. Grades from courses taken at other institutions will not be included in your cumulative GPA. Grades for science courses taken at other institutions will be used when calculating your math and science prerequisite GPA.

Application Assessment

If you meet the academic requirements, your application will be assessed by two members of the Selection Committee. Your application assessment score will be based on: evidence of responsibility, teamwork and leadership, understanding of the profession, letters of recommendation, observational experiences, and essay. If you achieve the necessary score on the application assessment, you will be invited for an interview.

You are required to accumulate a minimum of 40 hours of physical therapy observation (3+3 track) or 60 hours of observation (4+3 track). On average, you should complete at least 20 hours of observation each undergraduate year. At least two different types of settings must be represented in the total hours. You will list your observations on the DPT application.


Qualified applicants will be interviewed by a member of the Selection Committee. Your interview assessment will be scored based on your creativity and flexibility, initiative/decision making ability, interpersonal relations, affective behavior, appearance, poise, oral expression of ideas, understanding of physical therapy, and writing task (administered prior to the interview).

Your application essay and the interview writing task will be evaluated based on your clarity of ideas, introductory paragraph, summary of ideas, topic sentences, writing style (active voice, grammar, punctuation and spelling), and the extent to which the question was answered.

Bachelor's Degree Completion

You must complete your bachelor's degree prior to entering PT 561, Clinical I, which takes place during the summer following the first year of the DPT program. If you do not, your progression in the DPT program will be delayed.

Criminal Background Checks

You must complete a criminal background check annually as a physical therapy student. A positive result may prohibit you from entering the DPT Program, completing a physical therapy degree or securing licensure after graduation.

The Department of Physical Therapy reserves the right to make final decisions concerning all admission criteria.

Admission criteria are subject to change.

For questions contact:

Sherri Chambliss, Operations Administrator and Director of Admission and Advising at

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Room 233, Wallace Graves Hall