Student Spotlight - Kim Sutterer

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Kim Sutterer met a physical therapist who graduated from the University of Evansville and decided to take a look at UE for herself. She knew it would take hard work to get into the program, but felt prepared to embrace the opportunity and fully commit herself to learning physical therapy. While an athletic training major at UE and as a student in UE's DPT program, Kim has done just that.

"So far I have completed one eight-week clinical experience. The best part was that it confirmed my desire to be a physical therapist. My placement was perfect, and I was fortunate to observe several different aspects of the field. It is an exciting feeling to be able to connect classroom learning with real world situations and help make decisions to treat patients." Other observation experiences Kim has had while at UE include wound care, women's health, cardiac rehabilitation, and acute care.

"For as long as I can remember, I have wanted to be a physical therapist. A person never realizes what it's like to lose some aspect of normal function until it happens. Physical therapists help patients regain function and return to things that they love. I can't wait to be a practicing physical therapist!"

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Stone Family Center for Health Sciences, 515 Bob Jones Way, Room 3001, Evansville, IN 47708