Student Spotlight

Maier and Nadeem headshots

Marcus Maier and Maria Nadeem

Marcus Maier is a Class of 2019 graduate and is employed as a PA-C specializing in orthopaedics. He interviewed Maria Nadeem, who specializes in child and adolescent psychiatry.

Maier and Anslinger headshots

Marcus Maier and Amber Anslinger

Marcus also interviewed Amber Anslinger, a fellow Class of 2019 graduate. Amber specializes in orthopaedic hand surgery.

Menefee and Mengel headshots

Dylan Menefee and Matt Mengel

Dylan Menefee was the class president and a graduate of the class of 2020. He interviewed Matt Mengel, a 2019 graduate currently employed as a PA-C working in Cardiothoracic Surgery.

Menefee and Bledsoe headshots

Dylan Menefee and Kelly Bledsoe

Dylan also interviewed Kelly Bledsoe, a current student in the third cohort of the PA program.

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