Student Profiles

Haley Vos

Physician Assistant

Transition from Undergraduate School
Haley is originally from Grand Rapids, Michigan. She attended Michigan State University with the intent to apply to medical school. After graduation, Haley served as an AmeriCorps member in Michigan running a childhood obesity prevention program and addressing women’s health in a medically underserved population. During her transition phase to graduate school, she decided to apply for physician’s assistant programs instead of medical school.

Choosing University of Evansville
Though she received other offers, Haley chose to attend University of Evansville due to the remarkable faculty members she met during the interview process. “Dr. Roscoe, the program director, is very passionate about his work. He wants us to be more than smart providers, he wants us to be great providers for our patients. He made a real impact on me, and after meeting him, I thought the UE PA program would be one of the best!”

Haley Vos

Shaping the Program and Enhancing Personal Education
As a member of the first cohort in UE’s PA program, Haley enjoys having the opportunity to shape the program. She explains, “As a member of the first class, I knew I would have the ability to work closely with faculty and adapt the program to my learning style. I felt that the faculty would be dedicated both to my personal achievement in the program and to my success in the field. I didn’t want to be a number in a classroom like I would have been at a larger university. I wanted to have personal connections with my professors and with my classmates.”

Words of Wisdom
“Find the place where you feel you fit. Find the place where you are a part of the team, not just a student. Go to the school that fits your personal mission.”

Fun Facts about Haley
Haley is the PA class president, and her responsibilities include planning the White Coat Ceremony, an event where the Physician Assistant Program students receive their white coats as a symbol of clinical care and service. She also is the liaison between her cohort and the PA program faculty. Haley plans to works with the medically underserved when she graduates, providing health care to those with limited access and resources.

Kelsey Hipp

Health Services Administration

Earning her undergraduate and master degrees at UE
Kelsey earned her bachelor's and master's degrees in health services administration from University of Evansville. Both degrees required her to complete an internship, so for her undergraduate degree requirement, she worked as an auditor for Orthopaedic Associates. For her master's degree, she interned as an intake representative. Upon graduation, Kelsey worked as a medical assistant in Austin, Texas, in a clinical capacity before deciding to apply to physician assistant programs. This job helped Kelsey realize that she was more interested in the clinical aspect of health care rather than simply the administrative work.

Returning for a Master of Physician Assistant Science degree
Kelsey, originally from Dallas, Texas, returned home after leaving Orthopaedic Associates to look for PA programs. She toured several campuses in Texas, but she said they didn't live up to her UE experiences. After six months of searching, UE announced it would be offering a Master in Physician Assistant Science program, and Kelsey jumped at the chance to apply.

Kelsey Hipp

Strong relationships with all PA Professors
Kelsey had a hard time picking a favorite professor as "they are all wonderful!" She finds Michael Roscoe's jokes funny, Sean Harper's stories entertaining, and Gina Neimeier's lectures engaging. Kelsey also appreciates the teaching methods that Andy Lampkins, PhD, uses in his curriculum. She enjoys participating in "Friday Pharmday" during class with Lampkins. In this activity, the class submits questions each week, and then Lampkins presents those questions to the class to answer in teams. This really helps Kelsey and her peers as they study for exams and learn new materials.

UE is a community
Kelsey really appreciates the strong community and relationships she has found at UE. "I feel like the connections I have here, not just with the students, but also with the faculty is incredible. My professors really care if I do well." She knows that her professors want her to succeed both as a student and in her personal life. Kelsey also finds the City of Evansville to be a very welcoming community. "Growing up in Dallas and living in Austin, you don't know everyone. I was constantly meeting new people, but here in Evansville, everybody knows everybody and the community is really close."

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