Since its founding in 1854, the University of Evansville has prepared students for seminary and theological study, and educated clergy and church leaders for generations. The pre-ministry track at the University of Evansville provides students planning to pursue theological study and a vocation in ministry an excellent liberal arts education, a wide range of choice of fields of study, and practical experience in ministry, which conforms to the recommendations of the Association of Theological Schools.

Students in UE’s pre-ministry track enjoy the following benefits:

  • Receive exceptional preparation for seminary and ministry – UE’s program is nationally recognized and has 100 percent placement of our graduates desiring to attend seminary or graduate school. Our graduates regularly receive advanced standing at the school of their choice, and have been accepted into the nation’s top theological schools, including Princeton, Duke, Emory, and many others.
  • Have the option of in-depth study of ancient Greek, the original language of the New Testament, to enhance their study of Scripture.
  • Gain practical vocational experience through internships with partnering local churches, participation in our annual UE Midwest Campus Festival of Young Preachers, and leadership in UE’s numerous campus ministries.
  • Flexibility—our students choose from a wide variety of majors and tailor their courses to fit their interests and vocational goals.
  • Students work in close consultation with their pre-ministry advisor throughout their time at UE to plan a course of study that meets their individual needs and vocational goals.

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