Studying Scripture in its Original Language

A knowledge of ancient Greek, the original language of the New Testament, is an especially valuable form of preparation for seminary and theological study. Students in UE's pre-ministry track have the option of in-depth work in ancient Greek, and our graduates regularly receive advanced standing in seminary because of the excellence of their Greek preparation. Students in the pre-ministry track can fulfill their general education foreign language requirement by taking ancient Greek, and pursue a Minor in New Testament Greek, or a Classical Studies or Classical Languages minor with concentration in Greek.

New Testament Greek Minor

The department of Religion offers a minor in New Testament Greek to develop skills in using ancient Greek to study and interpret biblical texts in the original language. Requirements: Greek 211, Intermediate Ancient Greek; Greek 212, Introduction to Greek Prose; two from Greek 351, Attic Greek Prose; Greek 371, New Testament Greek Exegesis; Greek 411, Ancient Greek Drama; or Greek 421, Ancient Greek Poetry; Religion 320, Jesus and the Gospels; Religion 330, Paul and his Letters; Religion 435, Biblical Language Practicum, normally taken in conjunction with one of the upper level biblical studies courses above.