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Bachelor of Arts with a Major in Religion

Through a challenging curriculum, the UE Religion program prepares students for careers ranging from the seminary to pre-law and pre-medicine.

The Department of Philosophy and Religion offers a major in religion that includes required core courses along with upper level courses across the areas offered in the major. All religion majors take a set of required core courses which provide a foundation for their study. Students may focus their upper level courses in a variety of ways to meet their particular interests and vocational goals. Three possible emphases within the major are outlined below: Biblical Studies, Social Justice, and Global Religion. All of these emphases provide excellent preparation for seminary, for vocations of ministry, and for graduate study in religion. The program also offers an excellent foundation for pre-law or pre-medicine, a comprehensive education for work in nonprofit areas or social work, and a well-rounded liberal arts curriculum for those who find religious questions and issues compelling.

Requirements (120 hours)

Major – 36 hours

Required Religion Core (required of all majors):

  • REL 140 Reading the Old Testament
  • REL 150 Introduction to New Testament
  • REL 201 Christian Ethics
  • REL 210 Ancient Christianity
  • REL 212 Living World Religions

Additional requirements:

  • Upper level Old Testament: REL 335 Biblical Narratives or REL 431 Prophets
  • Upper level New Testament: REL 320 Jesus and the Gospels or REL 330 Paul and his Letters
  • Upper level Theology: REL 310 Contemporary Theologies or REL 350 God, Suffering and Evil
  • Upper level Ethics: REL 350 God, Suffering and Evil or REL 445 Religion, Peace and Justice
  • Upper level Comparative or Cultural: one from REL 314 Religions of East Asia, REL 315 Jews, Christians, Muslims, REL 340 Women and Religion, REL 345 Theology and Story, or REL 375 Bible, Gender and Culture
  • Two additional religion courses

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