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Our religion program focuses on biblical and theological study and offers a full array of courses in the study of the biblical text, the opportunity to study the biblical languages, and a rich variety of courses in theology and ethics.

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Young Preacher

Festival of Young Preachers

The Midwest Campus Festival will enable us to promote preaching among our current students.

Festival of Young Preachers

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Each year, Neu Chapel hosts and sponsors the Midwest Campus Festival of Young Preachers, giving students at UE and across the Midwest the opportunity to hone their preaching skills in front of a panel of experts.

The festival, which is endorsed by the Academy of Preachers and modeled after the national Festival of Young Preachers, sees each student come to the UE campus and preach in Neu Chapel. Following each sermon, a panel of experienced preachers offers feedback, recognizes the young preachers for their interest and ability, and encourages them to continue seeking God’s guidance in their call to preach the Gospel.

For more information on the Midwest Campus Festival of Young Preachers, please contact University chaplain Rev. Tamara K. Gieselman at