Program Requirements

The gender and women's studies minor is composed of six courses (18 credit hours). They include Introduction to Women's Studies, Critical Theory and Methods in women's studies, and four additional classes from the categories of core, cross-listed or affiliated courses. Core and cross-listed courses focus on women or gender and are based on recent feminist scholarship. Core courses are offered directly by gender and women's studies, while cross-listed courses are offered by various academic departments and have significant gender and women's studies content. Affiliated courses, while not solely dealing with gender and women's studies topics, have a substantial component that focuses on the roles, perspectives, experiences, contributions or representations of women. Courses are offered by departments across the curriculum to meet the needs of University of Evansville students.

As a requirement, students pursuing a gender and women's studies minor must pursue a major in a primary discipline.

Core Courses

  • Introduction to Women's Studies
  • Critical Theory and Methods
  • Special Topics in Women's Studies
  • Independent Studies in Women's Studies

Cross-Listed Courses

  • Archaeology - Women in Antiquity
  • History - Women's Lives before the Modern Age
  • Legal Studies - Women and Law
  • Political Science - Women and Politics*
  • Religion - Women and Religion
  • Religion - From Eve to Esther: Images of Biblical Women

Affiliated Courses

  • History - War, Politics and Gender, 1050-1300
  • Interdisciplinary - Women Mystery Writers and the Rise of Feminism
  • Japanese - Japanese Culture
  • Psychology - Social Psychology
  • World Literature - Women's Literature

* This course is currently offered within the department as a special topics course.

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