Hyde Hall

Hyde Hall

Hyde Hall Renovation

Hyde Hall is home to University of Evansville’s nationally-renowned theatre program, and houses Shanklin Theatre and other academic spaces. This campaign to renew Hyde Hall with state-of-the-art academic technology will enhance students’ classroom experience and open the door to collaborative, project-based work and group learning.

Visible from Sesquicentennial Oval, Hyde Hall is located in the heart of campus and houses Shanklin Theatre, home of the University of Evansville’s nationally renowned undergraduate theatre program. Also located in Hyde Hall are many core learning spaces, classrooms, and faculty offices.

Renovations to Hyde Hall will provide academic space upgrades including interactive learning centers equipped with technology allowing for collaborative, project-based work and group learning.

Along with upgraded learning spaces, Hyde Hall would receive an advanced energy efficient heating and cooling system, illustrating UE’s commitment to providing a sustainable, healthy learning environment.

Naming Opportunities

First Floor
Psychology Lab (Room 121) $50,000
Classroom (6) $50,000 (each)
Department of Theatre Suite $500,000
Theatre Director's Office $100,000
Theatre Marketing Director's Office $25,000
Conference Room (2) $50,000
Design Suite $50,000
Offices (3) $25,000 (each)
Lighting Design Suite $50,000
Theatre Audition and Large Conference Room $250,000
Ground Floor
Classroom (8) $50,000 (each)
Archaeology Lab $75,000
Graphic Studio $75,000
Design Classroom $100,000
Rehearsal/Acting Classroom $100,000
2nd Floor
Costume Shop $200,000
Study Alcove $100,000
Computer Lab (2) $80,000
Deptartment of Communication Suite $200,000
Director's Office $75,000
Offices (5) $25,000 (each)
Dean of Arts and Sciences Suite $250,000
Dean's Office $100,000
Conference Room $75,000
Department of Psychology and Neuroscience Suite $200,000
Department Chair Office $80,000
Offices (6) $25,000 (each)

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