Bower-Suhrheinrich Library

Transform the Learning Environment

“A great library is a commitment to our students” – President Tom Kazee. You can make our library a vital center for learning.

Today’s libraries serve a number of key functions, in addition to their traditional role of housing printed material.

  1. It needs to be a focus for collaboration. Today learning involves team oriented collaborative work, and dedicated space for that type of learning is vital and critical to student success.
  2. There is also a need for individual contemplative space – not the long library table of the past – but a variety of spaces to suit individual needs and learning styles.
  3. Libraries need to provide a home for services such as writing, communication, tutoring centers and other specialty areas.
  4. Libraries must continue to provide both traditional research and technical services, with the latest in computer technology and support services.
  5. A great library can also reinforce the University brand and thereby help attract and retain students.

For all of these reasons the University of Evansville has decided that it is time to refresh and update the Bower-Suhrheinrich Library.

We want to:

  • Create a common area that will be the heart and soul of the library. It will blend computer technology services and classical library reference and research and be a hub for students to gather, exchange ideas, collaborate and utilize multiple technologies.
  • It will also have space for individual contemplative use, where a student can read, think and create.
  • And we will directly connect the Library with glass and entry to the campus, lawn and Ridgway University Center by removing a solid wall and making that wall a window. It will fill the commons with light and energy.

Naming Opportunities

Area Gift Amount Donor
Grand Entry
Open, airy lobby entrance
$500,000 Nick ’70 and JoAnne ’71 Rutigliano
Information Commons
Complete ground floor learning environment
$1,000,000 Paul ’71 and Patricia ’72 Jones
Interactive Learning Area I $100,000 Melvin Peterson H’91
Interactive Learning Area II $50,000 Art and Anne ’80 Wilmes
Interactive Learning Area III $100,000 In Memory of Evelyn Pickrell
Interactive Learning Area IV $100,000 Chor ’59 and Yulin Tan
Interactive Learning Area V $50,000 In Memory of Sidney and Nadine Kolb
Interactive Learning Area VI $100,000
Movable seating with state of the art technology available to optimize student group work and study
Collaboration Unit I $50,000 John ’63 and Gerry Varner
Collaboration Unit II $50,000 Bo Gebbie ‘03
Collaboration Unit III $50,000
Collaboration Unit IV $50,000
Collaboration Unit V $50,000
Semi-private group work spaces
Circulation Desk
Point of service for all guests and users of the library
$75,000 Larry ’67 M’72 and DiAnne Kremer
Wall Art Display $25,000 Virginia Schroeder H’92
Wall Art Display $25,000 Randy and Cheryl Alsman
Wall Art Display $25,000 Carolyn Ostrom
Wall Art Display $25,000 Larry ’66 and Sara Arnold
Display used to stimulate creativity and learning
Second Floor Casual Study Gallery
Variety of seating to accommodate individual or group study
$250,000 M. Stephen ‘70 and Shelly Harkness
Third Floor Large Study Alcoves
Alcove I $50,000
Alcove II $50,000
Alcove III $50,000
Gathering spaces for group project work
Third Floor Small Study Nooks
Nook I $25,000 The William B. Carter Study Lounge
Nook II $25,000 Jim ’61 and June ‘61 Schwengel
Nook III $25,000 Nelson ’70 M’73 and Carolyn Johnson
Nook IV $25,000 Larry Mackey ‘73
Private rooms to accommodate meetings and group study
Fourth Floor Study Space
Group Study Area I $50,000
Group Study Area II $35,000 Sally Rideout ‘91
Group Study Area III $35,000 R.O. Clutter
Group Study Area IV $35,000 Wayne A. Davidson ‘56
Group Study Area V $35,000 Cecila Hovda Klamer ‘38
Group Study Area VI $35,000
Group Study Area VII $50,000 William L. Ridgway Faculty Reading Room
Group Study Area VIII $35,000
Classroom 420 $100,000 Class of 1956 Seminar Room
Group Study Room 460 $50,000 Major General Verna Fairchild ‘72
Private and open areas for group study.

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