Leadership Awards

President’s Diversity and Inclusion Senior Award

This award recognizes the accomplishments of at the University of Evansville that contributes to diversity and inclusion through exemplary leadership. Recipients should demonstrate a commitment to diversity and inclusion through multiple ways, including helping with recruitment and retention efforts, programming or events, cultural competency, community outreach activities, or other initiatives.


  • Marks Cannon

Champion of Diversity Award

Candidates for this award are student leaders who exemplify their commitment to service, social justice, and diversity through promoting respect for diversity and individual differences in their activities, projects, discussions, or their leadership with student organizations.


  • Hadi Dahhas
  • DaLisa McCallum


  • Myka Goode


  • Adam Anthony
  • Ashley Leroy


  • Violet Barrs
  • Nathan Graves


  • Allie Deford
  • Bianca Edelhoff

Diversity at Work Award

The recipient of this award will be a student organization, athletic team, or group of students that sponsored or participated in a program with the goal of providing diversity and social justice education through a campus or community event.


  • UE for SHE


  • Scholars for Syria


  • Evolving Evansville Energy


  • Crescent Magazine
  • Women’s Basketball Team

University of Evansville African American Alumni Association Mentor of the Year

The Mentor of the Year Award will be given annually to the one member of UEAAA who best exemplifies the ideal image of a mentor. The award may be given to an UEAAA member who has established a record of consistent outreach to their student mentor. This award can also be received by an UEAAA member who has contributed to the support or development of mentoring a Fellow Scholar at the University of Evansville. The ideal candidate should have a record of achievement in offering guidance to and fostering development among black/African American students at UE.


  • Melissa Moore, ’15

University of Evansville African American Alumni Association Campus and Community Advocate of the Year

The Outstanding Campus and Community Advocate of the Year Award recognizes and celebrates the efforts of a UEAAA member who provide leadership in creating a positive learning environment for black/African American students by engaging them through educational, social, or professional events on campus or in the local community.


  • Al Baity, ’85
  • Bettye Poole, ’02, M ’04

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