Resources from the Office of Diversity Initiatives

Doughnuts and Diversity Discussions
(Campus Groups Only)

Diversity on college campuses is crucial for all campus members. The Office of Diversity Initiatives is offers a series wherein the chief diversity officer will come to any of your meetings and discuss UE’s next steps for diversity objectives and strategies, ways to partner and collaborate on inclusion efforts, and how diversity can transform educational experiences. Your department or organization can ask questions about any topic on diversity, and the Office of Diversity Initiatives will bring the doughnuts!

Re-Thinking Diversity Summer Series

Each summer the Office of Diversity Initiatives offers one-hour sessions that will provides themed discussions to allow campus participants to reflect and deliberate about how to re-think diversity through dialogue and interactive activities. The sessions provide solution-oriented steps and strategies as well as resources for participants. Sessions are intended for any campus members and friends (i.e., faculty, staff, students, alumni or administrators). Anyone attending all of the sessions will be given a certificate of completion of Diversity and Inclusion at UE at the end of the summer sessions.

Diversity Project or Event Funding

The mission of the Office of Diversity Initiatives (ODI) supports the mission of the University of Evansville by promoting and guiding purposeful student engagement, fostering a sense of community, and providing opportunities of student growth and leadership development. The office aspires to create an inclusive environment that celebrates diversity and enhances the students’ ability to become global citizens. Within this framework, ODI is accepting program proposals from registered student organizations that support the institution’s diversity initiatives.

Success in diversity programming and events is contingent on aligning values with actions, Diversity and inclusion is about building strong, trusting relationships with people as they are—organizationally and personally. The University of Evansville believes that diversity is a critically important factor in the delivery of its mission, both from a global perspective and learning perspective but also as a fundamental principle necessary to UE’s commitment to diversity and inclusion in all aspects and for all students at the university.

Diversity Resource Center or “Diversity House”

The Diversity Resource Center or “Diversity House,” is a safe space designed to promote diversity and inclusion on campus. It includes a gathering space with a television, couch and chair, two meeting rooms, a kitchen and a backyard for use. The space is a place where students can host cook-outs, organizational meeting, discussions, or hang-out and play games.

The house is located at 436 S. Weinbach Avenue. (The house with the purple door). All campus members are encouraged to reserve and use the space or to just drop by and hang-out or study. UE students, faculty and staff members can use the space but first priority is given to students. The Diversity Resource Center has the same policies for use as other building on the campus of the University of Evansville.

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