Grants Awarded

Recent Awards

  • Dr. Dave Dwyer, Department Chair of Mathematics; and Dr. Mark Gruenwald, Professor of Mathematics

    • Sponsorship: NSF
    • Project: “Resequencing Calculus Phase 2”
  • Dr. Angela Reisetter, Professor of Physics

    • Sponsorship: NSF/DOE
    • Project: “Integrative Tools for Underground Science”
  • Dr. Arlen Kaufman, Associate Professor of Chemistry; and Dr. Donald Batema, Professor of Chemistry Laboratory Supervisor; and Dr. Cris Hochwender, Professor of Biology

    • Sponsorship: NOAA
    • Project: “Environmental Science at Vectren Conservation Park”
  • Martha Caine, Director of Southwest Indiana Healthy Communities Partnership Tobacco Free Initiatives

    • Sponsorship: Tobacco Prevention and Cessation Agency
    • Project: “Smokefree Communities of Vanderburgh County”
  • Dr. Anthony Beavers, Department Chair of Philosophy and Religion and President of IACP

    • Sponsorship: ONR
    • Project: “The 2013 Annual Meeting of IACP”
  • Dr. Christina Howe, Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

    • Sponsorship: NASA INSGC
    • Project: “The UEngineering Experience”
  • Dr. Adam Salminen, Associate Professor of Mathematics; and Dr. Joyce Stamm, Associate Professor of Biology

    • Sponsorship: NSF S-STEM
    • Project: “Science and Mathematics Scholarship to Recruit and Retain High Achieving Students”
  • Dr. Maggie Stevenson, Assistant Professor of Psychology

    • Sponsorship: American Psychology and Law Society
    • Project: “Understanding Jurors’ Discussions About Coerced Confession Evidence”
  • Dr. Heidi Strobel, Associate Professor of Art History

    • Sponsorship: Paul Mellon Centre for Studies in British Art
    • Project: Stitching the Stage: Mary Linwood and the Art of Installation Embroidery
  • Dr. Amy Hall, Department Chair of Nursing

    • Sponsorship: Southwest Indiana AHEC
    • Project: Committed to Compassion: Healthier Babies in Vulnerable Populations

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