Grants and Sponsored Programs

From grant identification through final reporting, the Office of Grants and Sponsored Programs offers support to UE faculty and staff for externally funded programming.

Grants Awarded

Recent Awards

  • Dr. Dave Dwyer, Department Chair of Mathematics; and Dr. Mark Gruenwald, Professor of Mathematics

    • Sponsorship: NSF
    • Project: “Resequencing Calculus Phase 2”
  • Dr. Angela Reisetter, Professor of Physics

    • Sponsorship: NSF/DOE
    • Project: “Integrative Tools for Underground Science”
  • Dr. Arlen Kaufman, Associate Professor of Chemistry; and Dr. Donald Batema, Professor of Chemistry Laboratory Supervisor; and Dr. Cris Hochwender, Professor of Biology

    • Sponsorship: NOAA
    • Project: “Environmental Science at Vectren Conservation Park”
  • Martha Caine, Director of Southwest Indiana Healthy Communities Partnership Tobacco Free Initiatives

    • Sponsorship: Tobacco Prevention and Cessation Agency
    • Project: “Smokefree Communities of Vanderburgh County”
  • Dr. Anthony Beavers, Department Chair of Philosophy and Religion and President of IACP

    • Sponsorship: ONR
    • Project: “The 2013 Annual Meeting of IACP”
  • Dr. Christina Howe, Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

    • Sponsorship: NASA INSGC
    • Project: “The UEngineering Experience”
  • Dr. Adam Salminen, Associate Professor of Mathematics; and Dr. Joyce Stamm, Associate Professor of Biology

    • Sponsorship: NSF S-STEM
    • Project: “Science and Mathematics Scholarship to Recruit and Retain High Achieving Students”
  • Dr. Maggie Stevenson, Assistant Professor of Psychology

    • Sponsorship: American Psychology and Law Society
    • Project: “Understanding Jurors’ Discussions About Coerced Confession Evidence”
  • Dr. Heidi Strobel, Associate Professor of Art History

    • Sponsorship: Paul Mellon Centre for Studies in British Art
    • Project: Stitching the Stage: Mary Linwood and the Art of Installation Embroidery
  • Dr. Amy Hall, Department Chair of Nursing

    • Sponsorship: Southwest Indiana AHEC
    • Project: Committed to Compassion: Healthier Babies in Vulnerable Populations