CITI Programs in Research Education

"To promote the public's trust in the research enterprise by providing high quality, peer reviewed, web based, research education materials to enhance the integrity and professionalism of investigators and staff conducting research." CITI

Any University of Evansville student, faculty member, or employee may take any of the offered courses. Some courses may be required of certain members of the UE Community in order for the University to be in compliance with Federal Regulations.

Any University of Evansville student or employee may go to the CITI web site at and register affiliating with the University of Evansville. (Please use your legal name and preferably your UE email address.) If you have an account through another institution, you may re-affiliate with UE and any courses that you have completed will transfer to UE's records.

Once you are registered, you will be able to enroll in any of the courses that you need/want to take. The courses are made up of modules. You may complete a single module at a time and repeat any module. Once you complete a course, you will be able to print out a certificate for that course. You will also be able to revisit completed modules or take elective/optional modules. If you are submitting an IRB proposal you will need to have your CITI number located on your completed certificate. CITI training is required for anyone submitting an IRB proposal.

FACULTY - If you are requiring completion of a course for a class, please ask your students to print and turn in their completion certificates. If training is required for federal compliance, a printed/pdf of the certificate should be kept for potential audits.

Course enrollment is accomplished by answering six questions. If the question is not about the course you need/want to take, answer not at this time. For example:

Question 1

Human Subjects Research - Basic

If this is your first time taking a CITI course at the University of Evansville, choose one learner group below based on your role and the type of human subjects activities you will conduct. You will be enrolled in the Basic Course for that group.

Choose one answer

  • Biomedical Research Investigators: Choose this group to satisfy CITI training requirements for Investigators and staff involved primarily in Biomedical research with human subjects.
  • Social and Behavioral Research Investigators: Choose this group to satisfy CITI training requirements for Investigators and staff involved primarily in Social and Behavioral research with human subjects.
  • IRB Members: This Basic Course is appropriate for IRB or Ethics Committee members.
  • Students conducting no more than minimal risk research (If you are a PSYC or SOC major you will probably want to take the full Social & Behavioral Research Investigators). Otherwise, choose Student Researchers.
  • Not at this time.

Once you have completed a course, you will be able to access and complete other modules that may be of interest. You may be asked to complete additional modules depending on the research you are doing or the requirements of a specific funding agency.

Our courses will require renewal every four years. The refresher course is a much shorter process. Do take the refresher as soon as you are notified or you may have to re-take the entire course.

CITI will send the UE CITI Administrator notice of your completion. You should print out a copy of your completion certificate for your own files and to submit as required by a program.

Visit the CITI website.

If you have questions or difficulties registering, please contact Tracey Folden at or 812-488-2509.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I view the modules that I have completed?

  • Go to and log in. From the Main Menu, select the "Previous Course work" link and then select the "All Modules" link to view all of the modules that you have completed.

How long will it take to complete a CITI Program course?

  • Each CITI Program module requires that you read a specified amount of text and complete a quiz at the end of each module. The average learner spends approximately 4.5 hours to complete the Basic Course site with approximately five logins to complete the course.

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