OGSP assists University faculty and staff with the following:

Pre-award compliance and administration

  • Identifying external funding opportunities
  • Assisting with proposal and budget preparation
  • Facilitating budget conversations among principal investigators, the Office of Academic Affairs, and the Office of Fiscal Affairs (i.e., matching costs and release time)
  • Routing the “Route Sheet for Signatures” through the Offices of the President, Academic Affairs, and Fiscal Affairs
  • Submitting grant proposals to external funding agencies
  • Negotiating award details with external sponsors

Post-award compliance and administration

  • Reviewing grant award agreements and contracts
  • Monitoring award through duration of lifecycle to detect and neutralize issues
  • Monitoring grant accounts for transactions
  • Submitting technical and final reports
  • Closing out awards and sponsored programs

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Office Email:

Office Location:
Room 205, Olmsted Administration Hall