Allergy Injections

The Health Center provides allergy injections if the student mails or brings the serum and physician instructions with them when they come to campus. The student Health Center has an Allergy Packet that must be completed by you and your allergist. Any changes in dosage or schedule instructions must be provided with written authorization from the ordering physician. The serum will be stored at the Health Center and the student can make appointments to be seen on a regular basis for his/her shots. There is a fee associated with this service, $10 per injection. Contact the Health Center prior to the beginning of classes; we would be happy to fax the necessary allergy forms we require to your physician.

Students who must give themselves insulin or other medically related injections in their room may receive a sharps biohazard container form the Health Center to dispose of used needles. When the container is full, return it to the Health Center in exchange for a new one.

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