Employee Excellence Awards

Bhargavi Bandi

Bhargavi has been instrumental in developing the computer system, Slate, to enhance recruiting endeavors in the admission office. As enrollment technology specialist, she has made it possible to bring other departments across campus into Slate to enhance their departmental work flow.

Bhargavi is always ready to assist in any way that she can and she keeps calm no matter how difficult the task is in front of her. When called upon, she is quick to resolve a problem. Bhargavi displays an amazing attitude at all times, even while being pulled in many different directions. She is extremely capable and helpful to all.

UE Employee Excellence Award Winner

Past Winners


January 2018
Lori Johnson, Records and Registration Specialist, Office of the Registrar

December 2017
Catie Taylor, Associate Director of Admission, Office of Admission

November 2017
Cheryl Shafer, Administrative Assistant for the Department of Public Health, Department of Public Health

October 2017
Hilary Morales, Assistant Director of Financial Aid and Veterans Education Benefit Coordinator, Office of Financial Aid


March 2017
Heather Cook (Administrator of the Year), Senior Admission Counselor, Office of Admission

February 2017
Susan Walter, Library Associate/Evening Supervisor, University Libraries

January 2017
Debbie Kassenbrock, Director, Center for Academic Advising

December 2016
Sarah Lee Bivin, Gifts Records Coordinator, Office of Development

November 2016
Debbie Brenton, Coordinator, Disability Services

October 2016
Shannon Richardson (Staff Employee of the Year), Lead, Distribution Services


March 2016
Calvin Wertman, Resident Coordinator, Residence Life

February 2016
Theresa Hoffherr, Publications Assistant, Office of Content Design/Marketing

January 2016
Ray Shelton, Technician, Mechanical and Civil Engineering Department

December 2015
Cherie Leonhardt, Assistant Director Honors Program and Coordinator of Veterans Affairs, Honors and Veterans Affairs

November 2015
Paula Heldt (Administrator of the Year), Academic Services Coordinator, Academic Advising

October 2015
Donna Schmitt (Staff Employee of the Year), Senior Administrative Assistant, Center for Career Development


March 2015
Rosanne Thomas, Administrative Assistant, Donor Relations

February 2015
Karen Martin (Staff Employee of the Year), Administrative Associate, Student Affairs

January 2015
Sue Edwards, Associate Director, Office of Admission

December 2014
Patti Lippert, Executive Assistant, Office of the President

November 2014
Lisa Toelle, Senior Administrative Assistant, Education Department

October 2014
Angie Dawson (Administrator of the Year), Assistant Director, Financial Aid


March 2014
Janet Turner (Staff Employee of the Year), Administrative Assistant, Health and Wellness

February 2014
Donna Teague (Administrator of the Year), Assistant Vice President, Fiscal Affairs

January 2014
Cheryl Emmons, Administrative Associate, Arts and Sciences

December 2013
Tom Benson, General Manager, WUEV

November 2013
Pam Young, Administrative Assistant, Exercise and Sport Science Department

October 2013
Leland Dierks, Content Design Artist, Office of Content Design/Marketing


March 2013
Gloria Spencer (Staff Employee of the Year), Payroll Specialist, Human Resources

February 2013
Bob Szurgot, Manager/Business Systems, Office of Technology Services

January 2013
Fred Wilson, Structural Maintenance Technician, Facilities Department and Physcial Plant

December 2012
Katherine Linzy (Administrator of the Year), Software Support and Training Specialist, Office of Technology Services

November 2012
Nicky Lodewyk, Administrative Assistant, Financial Aid

October 2012
Jan Gunn, Student Loan Specialist, Financial Aid


March 2012
Celia Teoh, Institutional Research Analysist/Assistant Registrar, Office of the Registrar

February 2012
Karen Doss (Staff Employee of the Year), Administrative Assistant, Nursing Department

January 2012
Dan Avery (Administrator of the Year), Desktop Support Coordinator, Office of Technology Services

December 2011
Carleen Barnes, Receivables Clerk, Fiscal Affairs and Administration

November 2011
Ronda Stone, Coordinator, Disability Services

October 2011
Bob Wright, Coordinator, Intensive English Center


April 2011
Anthony Sheridan (Harlaxton)

March 2011
Kimberly Higgins (Staff Employee of the Year), Administrative Assistant, Foreign Language, Philosophy and Religion

February 2011
Jason Kinder, Corporal, Safety and Security

January 2011
Kim McDonald (Administrator of the Year), Associate Director, Enrollment Communications

December 2010
Cindy Jones, Senior Administrative Assistant, Music Department

November 2010
Chris Kohler, Web Development Coordinator, Office of Technology Services

October 2010
Beth Speer, Director, Donor Relations

September 2010
Brenda Kuenzli, Administrative Assistant, Biology Department


April 2010
Karen Stenstrom, Counselor, Counseling Services

March 2010
Vicky Hasenour, Administrative Assistant, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

February 2010
Julia Zuber, Student Loans Clerk, Fiscal Affairs and Administration

January 2010
Larry Horn, Director, Facilities and Physical Plant

December 2009
Lisa Cresci (Staff Employee of the Year), Administrative Assistant, Facilities Administration

November 2009
Cynthia Simmons, Assistant, University Relations

October 2009
Jamie Elkins (Administrator of the Year), Director, Office of Development

September 2009
Mike Smith, Manager of Client Services, Office of Technology Services


April 2009
Mary Nernberger, Purchasing Specialist, Administrative Services

March 2009
Angie Dawson, Counselor, Financial Aid

February 2009
Robin Greenlee, Director, Annual/Corporate Giving

January 2009
Mary Kay Purcell (Administrator of the Year), Director, Intensive English Center

December 2008
Kim Anthony, Special Events Coordinator, Office of Admission

November 2008
Keith Fox (Staff Employee of the Year), Courier, Central Receiving

October 2008
Mike Tessier, Assistant Vice President of Student Affairs/Director, Residence Life

September 2008
Tim Meny, HVAC Technician, Facilities and Physical Plant


March 2008
Becky Hamilton, Director of Student Accounts, Fiscal Affairs and Administration

February 2008
Nancy Frazier, Applications Specialist, Office of Admission

January 2008
David Sellers (Staff Employee of the Year), Senior Groundskeeper, Facilities and Physical Plant

December 2007
Susan Heathcott (Administrator of the Year), Director, Content Design

November 2007
Monica Lindenschmidt, Copy Technician, Mail Services

October 2007
Robert Carrier, Business Systems Programmer, Office of Technology Services


April 2007
Brian Conner, Assistant Director, Residence Life

March 2007
Angela Reshad (Administrator of the Year), Associate Director, Financial Aid

February 2007
Diane Austin, Senior Administrative Assistant, Career Development Services

January 2007
Daryl Buente, Equipment Manager, Athletics

December 2006
Linda Howard and Georgette Asher, Clerk, UE Bookstore

November 2006
Chad Miller, Residential Service Maintenance Supervisor, Facilities and Physical Plant

October 2006
Kathy Overfield, Administrative Associate, Student Affairs

September 2006
Mary Jo Blankenberger (Staff Employee of the Year), Support Services Specialist, Facilities Administration


April 2006
Martha Fischer (Staff Employee of the Year), Benefits Specialist, Human Resources

March 2006
Jan Beckett (Harlaxton), Harlaxton, Harlaxton

February 2006
Amy Clutter, Senior Administrative Assistant, Student Engagement

January 2006
Anna Newton, Assistant Director, Alumni and Parent Relations

December 2005
Geneva Davis, Radio-Telephone Operator, Safety and Security

November 2005
Barbara Lutterman (Administrator of the Year), Staff Accountant, Fiscal Affairs and Administration

October 2005
Sylvia Buck, Director, Counseling and Health Education

September 2005
Tony Holt, Maintenance Trades Electirician, Facilities and Physical Plant


March 2005
Gene Wells (Administrator of the Year), Senior Director, Center for Career Development

February 2005
Bill Woehler, Day Sergeant, Safety and Security

January 2005
Elzie McBride (Staff Employee of the Year), Manager of Client Services, Office of Technology Services

December 2004
Mark Randall, Staff Engineer, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Department

November 2004
Carol Arney, Administrative Assistant, Art Department

October 2004
Rob Birkle, Manager of Infrastructure, Office of Technology Services


March 2004
Mary Ann Smith, Payroll Clerk, Human Resources

February 2004
Rob Pool (Administrator of the Year), Assistant Dean/Director, Student Engagement

January 2004
Gary and Peggy Adams (Staff Employee of the Year), Caretakers, Old Stone House

December 2003
Betty Sitzman, Administrative Assistant, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Department

November 2003
Tami Robeson, Administrative Assistant, Human Resources

October 2003
Gary Rigley, Associate Director, Office of Admission


March 2003
Andy Bullock (Staff Employee of the Year), Lead Groundskeeper, Facilities and Physical Plant

February 2003
JoAnn Laugel (Administrator of the Year), Director, Office of Financial Aid

January 2003
Marsha Jackson, Director, News Services

December 2002
Debbie Kassenbrock, Director, Center for Academic Advising

November 2002
Sherry Hawkins, Administrative Associate, School of Business

October 2002
Keith Koehler

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