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Purpose of Undergraduate College Mentors

Open Table College Mentors are crucial leaders who are both recipients and leaders of the Open Table institute. Open Table is designed to help young high school students emerge as faithful leaders. College Mentors are essential in pursuing Open Table’s mission of igniting the passion of young high school students, especially as leaders of small group discussions and through individual encounters with Open Table participants.

  • Facilitate Small Group Discussion
  • Share your story
  • Help organize a community meal with students
  • Take active roles in morning and night prayer services
  • Serve as a leader in small groups, during field trips, and with other Open Table activities
  • Model a faithful and joyful life!

College Mentors

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Who Can Apply?

  • University of Evansville undergraduate students and/or recent University of Evansville graduates
  • Students across all majors who desire to share their faith and mentor high school students to do the same
  • Those who are able to commit 9 days during the summer, July 13 - 22, to help form high school students theologically, spiritually, and vocationally.


Interested undergraduate students should submit application materials by clicking the “Apply to be a College Mentor” button on this page. During the spring semester there will be a series of workshops in the evenings that will serve as pre-Open Table training. All college mentors are asked to help with recruitment for Open Table. All Open Table staff will move to campus on Saturday, July 13, 2019 to participate in pre-Open Table orientation. Responsibilities will end on Sunday, July 22 after all Open Table participants have left the campus.