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Why send your teenager to Open Table?

Open Table will provide a unique experience for your teenager to explore the connection of faith and culture and apply it to vocational discernment. Your daughter or son will have the unique experience of living on a University campus while growing in relationship with their peers in small groups, bus rides, dorm rooms, and mentors in their undergraduate counselors.

What they Learn

Open Table will summon high school students to embody an ecumenical and interfaith community and study key biblical texts related to hospitality at the table. They will wrestle with the theological meaning and complexity of the Eucharist and participate in daily worship that includes the Eucharistic liturgy and interfaith engagement.

Gaining a Deeper Understanding of Faith and Theology

Our comprehensive program will combine essential course work with field experiences, which will set the table for small group discussions and wet the students’ appetites for practical theological tools of engagement so that they are prepared to articulate their beliefs, negotiate with their peers, and live as responsible, compassionate faithful leaders.

Nick Preaching

Feeding Loaves

Safety and Supervision

About the Staff

Your daughter/son will be under the care and guidance of the Open Table leadership team, which includes the Director, Assistant Director, Vocational Mentors, and College Mentors. We want you to know that your child is in good hands.

  • Supervision: Open Table College Mentors live in the residence halls with participants.
  • Staff Training: All Open Table staff members must complete and pass criminal background checks.
  • Cell Phone Policy: We ask that your child have a charged cell phone on them at all times for easy contact.
  • Public Safety at UE: The University of Evansville Safety and Security Office serves the campus community 24 hours a day. View the safety policies of the University.

Support the Growth of this Program

Thanks to a generous grant of the Lilly Endowment, Inc., every student admitted to the 2017 Open Table youth theology institute will be given a full tuition scholarship valued at over $2,500. Students are responsible for any travel expenses they may incur.

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