Our Purpose

Open Table empowers young people to engage theologically and to lead in a diverse global society. In an age of religious and political fundamentalism, the world needs young people who can think critically about their values and beliefs systems, build relationships across difference, and serve as exemplars of ethical leadership.

Students Laughing
Eating Lunch

Open Table provides intentional time and space for students to immerse themselves in the sacred texts and traditions of Christianity and then, more broadly speaking, in the Abrahamic religions. These provide a platform from which students can shape their beliefs, take responsibility for their own theology, and articulate their own faith. The primary goals of Open Table are:

  1. Igniting the passions of young Christians to understand the dramatic narrative of the Christian tradition and God’s call on their lives.
  2. Embodying the Christian community modeled by Jesus in the Bible, specifically in the Feeding of the Five Thousand.
  3. Shaping a new generation of theologians who engage a pluralistic society through the hospitality of a welcoming dinner.