University of Evansville


Summer Orientation and Academic Registration (SOAR) begins the process for becoming a UE student.

SOAR Placement Testing


If you have not taken the SAT-I (critical reading, mathematics, and writing) or the ACT with the optional Writing test, you will be required to take the writing assessment during SOAR on Thursday afternoon. You can upload your writing scores online.

Foreign Language

Placement testing in foreign language is required for all incoming freshmen who have taken a foreign language in high school, regardless if they plan to continue that language at UE. French, German, Spanish, and Russian assessments are offered online at anytime before SOAR. Please see foreign language placement test information. Japanese and Latin are offered during SOAR.

UE's general education requirement for foreign language is competence that is equivalent to one year (two semesters) for a Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Fine Arts degree and two years (four semesters) for a Bachelor of Arts degree. Placement in an upper level foreign language course will provide students with the opportunity to earn retroactive credit. Students may take only one foreign language assessment.


All incoming freshmen will take a mathematics assessment during SOAR. The assessment will be given on Friday at a time and location to be announced during the opening session of SOAR for all three sessions. No calculators are allowed during this assessment.


All music majors are required to take the music assessment during SOAR on Thursday evening. The music department will provide more detailed information to music majors. Contact the music department at 812-488-2742.

Requesting Accomodations for Testing

If you plan to request accomodations, please contact Debbie Brenton, disability services coordinator, at 812-488-2063, so that the appropriate arrangements for testing can be arranged.