The nationwide search for the 24th president of the University of Evansville is underway. The search is being led by Witt/Kieffer, a preeminent executive search firm serving the not-for-profit community – higher education, health care, cultural organizations, and community service institutions – nationwide. Dennis M. Barden, Senior Partner in the firm, will lead the effort with the assistance of Charlene Aguilar and senior associate Elizabeth K. Bohan. Witt/Kieffer conducts senior academic and administrative search engagements, including presidents, chancellors, vice presidents, deans, directors, and other leadership positions all across the country. The Board of Trustees will have the responsibility for the final choice and appointment of the next president. Read the Press Release.

Seal of the President of the University of Evansville

Presidential Search Committee Members

Board of Trustees

  • Sally Rideout, Committee Chair
  • C. Edward Brown
  • Kevin R. Koch
  • Barbara J. Price
  • Steven W. Worthington

Life Trustee

  • Rita P. Eykamp

Honorary Trustee

  • Melvin Peterson


  • David Dwyer
  • Daniel J. Gahan
  • Mark Valenzuela

Alumni Association

  • Al Baity

Student Body

  • Jacob Lutz

University Administrator

  • Wesley Milner

University Staff

  • Billie Chandler

Chairman of the Board of Trustees

  • Linda E. White

United Methodist Church

  • M. Stephen Harkness
  • John C. Schroeder

Harlaxton College

  • Ian Welsh

Staff Liaison

  • Rebecca L. Simpson