Historical Data

Last Updated: February 2, 2021

Colleges across the nation are struggling with declining enrollment and the changing needs of students and their families.

Full-time undergraduate enrollment at the University of Evansville has declined more than 30 percent during the last decade, largely as a result of demographic trends. Tuition from enrollment is the major driver of revenue at the University.

During that time, the total number of faculty at the University of Evansville has risen. The number of full-time faculty is down 5 percent.

As a result of declining enrollment and a growing number of faculty, the ratio of students per faculty number has fallen well below the university’s peers. The small decline in full-time faculty does not translate to nearly enough money to offset the decline in enrollment. If the proposed realignment is enacted, the student-faculty ratio will return to 11:1, a ratio consistent with our peers, and will significantly reduce the overall operating deficit.

UE is operating at a significant deficit each year. As these charts show, changes must be made to align resources with revenue.

  • The above data does not include contributions to general education.
  • The enrollment data used in the analysis for the draft academic realignment plan includes full-year comprehensive data that accounts for transfers in, transfers out, and changes of major throughout the course of the year. This is not the same as the University Fact Book data which is based upon enrollment at a single point in time – Fall census.

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