Winter Intersession Academic Policies

Audits and Pass/Fail

Students wishing to register for a Winter Intersession class as audit or pass/fail must declare such no later than December 16 at 5:00 p.m. in the Office of the Registrar. No exceptions will be made to registration deadlines.

UE degree students should understand the academic policy as it relates to the applicability of courses taken for pass/fail. Academic policies are available in the UE Catalog. Audited classes do not count for any degree requirements.

Academic Standing

Academic probation and dismissal determinations are made based on your academic standing at the end of the fall semester. Dismissed students will have their Winter Intersession enrollment cancelled, even if they have begun a Winter Intersession course.


If your Winter Intersession class is the final credit you need to complete a degree requirement, you will be eligible to participate in either the Fall Commencement ceremony on December 14, 2016, or in the Spring Commencement ceremony on May 6, 2017. Please let the Registrar’s office know which ceremony you choose.

Course Load

Winter Intersession courses are not considered in determining fall or spring full-time status.

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