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UE is a fully-accredited, private, liberal arts and sciences based university affiliated with the United Methodist Church.

Neu Chapel Fees

The rental fee reserves the sanctuary for 1 hour the Friday before for the rehearsal, and all of Neu Chapel for the 3hr time block you have chosen for the day of the wedding.

  • Community Fee: $800
  • Current UE Student or Alumni Fee: $600

A parent who is an Alumnus of UE qualifies a son or daughter (bride or groom) who is not an alumnus. We do not extend this to include family members, past the parents, who may be alumni of UE. (Ex. Grandmother)

Extra Time: Additional time may be available but not guaranteed due to other events in the building. Both times slots may be purchased for an additional $400. If the other time slot has not been rented 4 months prior to your wedding you are then able to rent additional prorated time at $100 per hour. (Ex. An additional 1.5 hrs would be $150).

Certificate of Proof of Insurance: Must be provided by Wedding Applicant. The certificate must meet University liability limits, and name the University of Evansville as an additional insured. This may be accomplished by adding a rider to your current insurance. *View the insurance certificate for information about the general amount of coverage needed.

If a rider is not available through your personal insurance please go to (A wedding would be insured under Class 1)

Instrument Rental: $100.00 - Concert Grand Piano and/or Holtcamp Pipe Organ - The organist must be a current AGO member and approved by the UE music department to play the organ. A list of qualified musicians will be provided upon request.

Musicians: It is recommended that you contact a musician at least 4-6 months before your wedding to discuss availability and fees. If you are looking for a particular type of instrument or vocalist please request a list of musicians from Neu Chapel or see the musicians list under the forms tab. You will need to discuss payment arrangements with your musician. *Furnishing a list of musicians is not an endorsement of any musician or soloist by UE or Neu Chapel. Agreements or contracts between musicians and soloists are the responsibility of the wedding party. Neu Chapel nor UE will be liable for such claims that may arise from such contracts.

Additional Furnishings Available

Candelabras-Altar: $20.00 to rent the pair. You will need 14-15" drip-less candles.

Candelabras-Pew: $10.00 a pair; 1 to 6 pair available. You will need 6-12" candles per set.

*The Bride is responsible for purchasing all candles for the candelabras. The candles we use are Patriarch, drips-less, smoke-less candles. They can be purchased through Gehlhausen Floral Company or Zeidler's Floral.

Kneeling Bench is available at no extra fee.

Pew Bow Clips available at no extra charge.

We do not have an aisle runner. Our aisle is carpeted; a runner is not necessary but may be used. Our center aisle is 5' wide and 75' long. The runner should be at least 80' long.

Final Payment

The final payment is due 60 days before the wedding date. The Neu Chapel office will notify you of the final payment amount by emailing you a final payment notice. You will receive the notice approximately 10 days before payment is due. If you have any questions about your bill please call the office at 488-2235. If not, mail your final payment to the address given. All checks should be made payable to the: University of Evansville. Cancellation of the wedding at 55 days will result in the loss of 50% of your total wedding payment.