Hall Lottery

If you are a student currently residing on campus, and wish to select a room in a different hall for next year, you qualify for the Hall Lottery process.

Note: If you have already selected a space in the Halls or Villages, you have completed the selection process. Once you select a room, you cannot try for another space in the lottery process.

Lottery Selection Appointments will be e-mailed on March 16. Selection appointments will be March 17 and March 18. During your selection appointment, you will have the opportunity to select a space in the residence halls.

Below are a few recommendations for taking part in the Hall Lottery process:

  • Know what you want. Take some time to visit the residence halls and rooms that appeal to you, and know the characteristics of each hall (things like visitation policy, furniture styles, coed v. single sex, etc.). Also, decide on a roommate; talk honestly with your friends to determine who will be the most compatible roommate.
  • Have options. Remember that, at this point, many rooms have already been reclaimed, so have several choices of rooms ready in case your first option isn't available.
  • Keep an eye on your e-mail. If you have not selected a Village unit or residence hall room by March 16, the date and time of your selection appointment will be randomly assigned based on your academic class status.
  • Show up for your appointment on time. If you miss your appointment, we will move on to the next group.
  • Bring your student ID to your appointment.

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