University of Evansville

Residence Life

UE offers students a wide variety of options for on-campus living, with seven residence halls featuring living arrangements to suit each student's needs.

Residency Requirements - Pre-Fall 2013

This policy applies to all students who entered UE prior to Fall 2013.

Upperclassman Housing

Sophomores, juniors, seniors and graduate students are welcome and encouraged to live on campus. This makes for a positive mix of fresh ideas, peer mentoring, and the passing down of community traditions. Space is available in residence halls, the Villages and Greek Housing.

Village and Greek Housing

The Villages

Village apartments and houses are available to upperclassmen with 60 or more semester hours (excluding bridge, early-college, dual-credit, and advanced placement credit). Villages refer to all University apartments, houses, townhouses, and University-managed fraternity houses that are owned and operated by the University. These units, located adjacent to the campus, are under the supervision of the assistant director of residence life and two Villages neighborhood coordinators.

The application process for fall housing for returning students occurs during the preceding spring semester. Though Village space is primarily reserved for upperclassmen it is not guaranteed (there is not adequate space to house all upperclassmen in Villages). Policies regarding Village housing fall under the Office of Residence Life.

University-managed fraternity houses

Students living in these properties fall under the standard housing contract. The residency requirement may be fulfilled by students choosing to live in university managed Greek houses.

University Approved Housing

University approved housing refers to recognized fraternities that own houses. The residency requirement may be fulfilled by students choosing to live in approved Greek houses.

Financial Aid and Housing

See policy for full financial aid renewal and housing status under Financial Aid Information.