Cable Setup and Repair

Assistance and Repairs

For issues with basic digital cable reception or setup follow the Digital Cable Set-Up procedures below. If these steps do not work, contact the Office of Administrative Services. On-Campus Service representative: Terry Voges at tv35 or 812-488-2941. Be sure to provide your name, phone number, address (with room number), a detailed description of the issue, and times that you are available for a service technician to visit you.

For issues with digital cable upgrade services or devices contact Time Warner Cable. Time Warner personal point of contact: Jerome Buttery at 812-470-8899.

Digital Cable Set-Up

Carefully follow the simple “TV Check” steps below to see if your TV will accept digital programming:

1. Determine if your TV has a built-in digital tuner.

  • Most newer flat panel televisions have QAM digital tuners.
  • Check the remote control that came with your TV.
  • If it has a dot or dash button located on the number-pad then your TV probably has a QAM digital tuner.

2. Tune to Time Warner Cable programming.

  • If your TV is not connected directly to your cable outlet, make sure that any other devices are turned off.
  • Using the remote that came with your TV, select the correct Input for this connection.
  • For example, if your cable outlet is connected to the input marked Video 1 you will need to select Video 1 from your input options to watch cable.
  • Tune to channel 4-1 or 4.1 on your flat panel television. Enter 4, then the decimal or dash key.
  • If you are able to pick up channel 4-1 or 4.1 you are ready for a channel scan. If you are not able to pick up channel 4-1 or 4.1 you should perform a channel scan on your flat panel television and try channel 4-1 or 4.1 again.

3. Perform a channel scan.

  • Television manufacturers use different set up menus. Your television manufacturer may call this a Channel Search or Channel Set Up.
  • Use your television's remote control to navigate to the Menu on your television.
  • Through your Set Up menu, locate the Channel Scan, Auto Program, Auto Tune or Scan Option.
  • If you have an option for your Input Type choose Cable or Digital and then choose Autoscan the channels.
  • Once Autoscan is completed all channels should be fully restored and your TV will automatically tune to a channel.

4. Enjoy your new line up.

  • Get to know your complete Time Warner Cable Channel line-up by tuning to channel 20-14 or 20.14.
  • Most Time Warner Cable Digital channels will be located on sub channels like 4-1 or 4.1. To find out what channel is what on your TV, you can always tune to channel 20-14 or 20.14. You will see what number to use for every channel. Check channel 20-14 or 20.14 often. If there has been a change to the line-up, you will find it there, along with a message telling you to run a channel scan so your TV gets the changes.

Note: Some TVs will auto assign channel numbers differently. Your TV may assign channels to the lowest unused number. For example channel 4.3 may be assigned to channel 4.1 on your TV.

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