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A Message From Director Harold P. Matthews

The University of Evansville Office of Safety and Security is committed to providing as safe and secure an environment as possible for all members of the campus community. Unfortunately, there are no risk free environments. Although the record for personal safety on our campus has been outstanding for many years, some incidents have occurred. To assist in the prevention of such incidents, a competent residence life staff, trained security officers and the faculty, staff and students must all share some responsibility for taking measures to ensure that they and their possessions are adequately protected. Our mission is to create an environment conducive to learning and we solicit the assistance of all members of the campus community in our endeavors. While the Office of Safety and Security is responsible for coordinating campus safety and security, the primary responsibility for crime prevention and personal safety rests with each individual. At the University of Evansville we sincerely believe Security Begins With You.

The University of Evansville, with the assistance of the Office of Safety and Security has established policies and regulations concerning the campus community. These are enacted to minimize and prevent losses due to criminal activity, damage to University and Personal property, and most importantly, serious injury to members of the camps community. It is the responsibility of every member of the campus community to adhere to these policies and regulation and notify Safety and Security when infractions occur.

I solicit your questions, concerns and suggestions regarding safety and security on campus. We appreciate your cooperation in abiding by University policies and procedures and in assisting us in making our campus a great place to obtain an education, work, and visit.


Harold Matthews
Director of Safety and Security

Harold P. Matthews

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