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Student Engagement

28 percent of the student body is socially Greek affiliated.

Discover IMPACT Certificates

The Office of Student Affairs helps to create an intentional environment of self-discovery for each student at the University of Evansville. We encourage personal transformation of intellectual, emotional, spiritual and physical growth. As a commitment to our mission, we offer students the opportunity to focus on key areas of their development through program sessions and multiple certificate programs.

The Discover IMPACT: Certificate Program is designed to give a student a specialty area of interest(s) that add to their subject major of study to provide a richer education and distinguishable characteristic to the education received from the University of Evansville.

The registration fee is $50 for each certificate. If you complete the certificate, you will receive a completion incentive of $25.

Take a look at the certificate programs and discover today how you will make an IMPACT!

Advanced Career Education (ACE) CertificateLeadership CertificateSocial Responsibility Certificate