Social Responsibility Certificate

The University of Evansville’s Core purpose is “to provide life-transforming education experiences that prepare students to engage the world as informed, ethical and productive citizens.” It is within that spirit that the Discover IMPACT: Social Responsibility Certificate enables students to recognize needs within the world and address them in a meaningful way.

What is the Social Responsibility Certificate?

The Social Responsibility Certificate is a comprehensive, self-motivated program that enables a student to advance their personal perception of social injustices and society challenges through a series of educational experiences. Students then create an approach to address these societal challenges and injustices through a service project that they plan or through a coordinated project in which they participate.

Why should you get a Social Responsibility Certificate?

There are many reasons why you should consider a certificate in Social Responsibility. For starters, students who enter the University under the 2013-2015 catalog, will have a General Education Social Responsibility overlay requirement. The Discover IMPACT: Social Responsibility Certificate will meet the General Education requirement. In today’s workplace, many companies and organizations are interested in a socially responsible corporate image and response. UE students will be able to differentiate themselves from other graduates entering the workforce by emphasizing their understanding of and personal commitment to being socially responsible citizens.

The following are our learning outcomes for the social responsibility certificate:

  • Students will be able to identify needs within their community.
  • Students will engage in meaningful service.
  • Students will evaluate their social impact through their participation.

There are two ways to complete the certificate. A student can take part in a planned project that is administered and coordinated by the Center for Student Engagement or the student can propose a project that meets the criteria. Most students are able to fulfill all the requirements for the Social Responsibility Certificate within one year.

Pre-flection Paper

  • Student will write a pre-reflection paper on the student’s current understanding of the need, societal challenge or injustice that they are going to address.
    • This paper must state the issue
    • Describe the need for action
    • Explain how the proposed action will address the need, challenge or injustice

The Project

  • Students will participate in a minimum of 20 hours of educational preparation related to the project.
  • Students must complete a minimum of 20 hours of service or action to address the need.

Reflection Paper

  • A final reflection paper of 5-7 pages
    • State the student’s understanding of the need, societal challenge or injustice now that the project is completed and educational preparation is completed
    • Explain what the student did for the action project
    • Describe the impact that was made as a result of this project


  • All papers, proposals, pictures, and other evidence of the project should be stored in an electronic portfolio for project evaluation.

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