Activity Registration Form

This form must be completed and approved by the Center for Student Engagement (CSE) in order for an activity to be considered an official University of Evansville function. All activities open to the UE community require approval from CSE.

Facilities and Tables

Facilities and tables cannot be reserved without a signed activity form. To reserve facilities and tables, present this signed activity form to the Center for Student Engagement. A signed form does not guarantee the facility requested; it allows for space to be reserved under the name of the organization.


All registered student activities are listed on the master activity calendar located in CSE. All events are then publicized at no charge through the Office of Student Affairs (newsletters, news releases, etc.). All fliers, T-shirts, posters, etc., need to be approved by the assistant dean of students. Organizations must adhere to the guidelines for clubs and organizations as stated in the Student Handbook.

Alcoholic Beverages

The University of Evansville does not permit the possession, consumption, use, or sale of alcoholic beverages in any form on campus or at any campus activity. Refer to the Student Handbook for more information on this policy.


No one under the age of 18 will be allowed to attend any organizational function which is not directly supervised by a faculty or staff member without advance approval. Activities are open only to the University community. Exceptions must be approved by the dean of students.


Certain activities may require hiring security guards through the Office of Safety and Security. Should guards be needed, these arrangements must be made no later than 21 days before the event. The number of security guards needed will be determined by the assistant dean of students and the director of safety and security. The organization is responsible for all financial obligations associated with the security guards.

The person who signs this form accepts responsibility for the event and agrees to enforce all policies stated herein. Should a violation occur, the person signing this form will be held accountable for all violations that occur during the event. Organizations are responsible for guidelines, policies, and procedures as stated in the Student Organization Handbook.

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