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Wide-Reaching Programs

UE's own global community will provide opportunities for a personal and academic voyage of discovery right here on the Evansville campus.

Going Global @ UE

Students in every area of study will find a way to engage the world while at UE. For many, that experience will include a literal voyage abroad; for others, UE's own global community will provide opportunities for a personal and academic voyage of discovery right here on the Evansville campus.

For students who would like to focus on studies in academic areas that emphasize international and global issues, UE offers majors, minors, and concentrations in such areas as...

Archaeology and Art History

The Archaeology major focuses on the ancient civilizations of the Mediterranean, Near East, and Western Europe, as well as the discipline of Archaeology itself. The Art History major offers a wide chronological scope and focuses primarily on western art. More than 80 percent of majors complete a semester abroad, either at Harlaxton College, or through approved providers such as College Year in Athens and American University in Cairo. Students also participate in field schools and internships abroad during the summer. In the past few years, our majors have excavated at sites in England, Ireland, Spain, Greece, Cyprus, Israel, Jordan, and Egypt. Both majors offer a solid foundation in the liberal arts and sciences for preparation for graduate school or professional careers.

Foreign Languages

The Department of Foreign Languages offers an array of programs that are in keeping with the global focus of the University of Evansville. Many students combine their language studies (French, German, Russian, Spanish) with global business, international studies, psychology, communication, political science, or the health sciences. Our language majors are required to perfect their skills through a summer or semester immersion program abroad.

Global Business

Students earning a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration may choose a concentration in global business, preparing them for graduate school or employment with business firms of all sizes and types, from local to international. Many majors choose to complete their required internship at sites overseas.

International Studies

The International Studies Program is designed to offer students a strong foundation in international relations, political science, and foreign languages. This interdisciplinary major rests on the understanding that 21st-century problems and careers are not constrained to single academic disciplines. Each incoming student has unique talents, desires, needs and career goals and should not be forced into archaic academic boundaries. In addition to political science and foreign languages, students draw upon a number of different fields including anthropology, archeology, business and economics, geography, history and world literature. In short, the International Studies Program provides the dedicated student a wealth of opportunity and exposure to fascinating fields of study, challenging study abroad and internship options, and lucrative careers in the global arena.