Study Abroad

International Partners

Don't see the program you're looking for among UE's sponsored study abroad options?

Our External Partners Program gives UE students access to a wide variety of options for education abroad programs through other universities and other off-campus organizations. Through these programs, any given semester will find our students hard at work perfecting language skills in Africa, Asia, Europe, or South America; they will find international studies majors carrying out research in places like Uganda or Peru, and theatre majors following their personal voyage of discovery from an academic base in Australia or Mexico, Italy or Ireland.

And those are only a few examples.

Through our partner programs - all of which are approved through a careful and comprehensive review process - the University of Evansville ensures that all of our students abroad are learning in a context that emphasizes academics, safety, cultural awareness, and personal growth.

Among the partner programs' locations where our students will study this year

  • Learning a Language in Austria, France, and Japan
  • Service and Internships in Costa Rica and Barcelona
  • International studies - in China and Morocco