Cost of Attendance for 2016-17 (Maximum Aid Allowed)

Your Cost of Attendance (COA) is not what you will be charged by the University of Evansville; COA is the maximum total financial aid (including student and parent loans) that may be used for the fall and spring semesters.

COA represents the sum of directly-billed charges (tuition, fees, on-campus room and meal plan) plus average allowances for indirect educational expenses that may be incurred during the year (books, personal, and transportation costs). The COA budgets for full-time undergraduate students entering UE in 2016-17 are:

On-Campus Off-Campus Commuter with Family
Full-time Tuition (12-18 Hours) $32,900 $32,900 $32,900
Full-time Fees $1,066 $1,066 $1,066
Average Room and Meal Plan $11,690 -------- --------
Allowances for Indirect costs:
Books $1,200 $1,200 $1,200
Living, transportation, personal, misc. $2,114 $13,804 $5,224
COST OF ATTENDANCE BUDGETS $48,970± $48,970± $40,390±

Music majors: Add $1,560 to the appropriate COA Budget above.

The Cost of Attendance for Organizational Leadership (OL) and Public Service Administration (PSA) students follows:

Tuition $14,170 $9,798
Fees $280 $280
Living Expenses $10,380 $10,380
Books $400 $550
Personal/Misc. $3,424 $3,424

The Cost of Attendance for one semester at Harlaxton College follows:

Comprehensive Fee (tuition, room, meals) $22,210
Student Activity Fee $163
Harlaxton Services Fee $1,030
Books $600
Personal $1,722
Transportation $1,600
Total COA (one semester) $27,325±

± Tuition for full time undergraduate students enrolled during 2013-14 who have not exhausted eight semesters of continuous enrollment at UE is reduced. These students will subtract $3,160 from their cost of attendance. Harlaxton Students should reduce semester cost by $1,580.

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