Federal Work-study/on-campus Employment

Federal Work-study Program

This is a federally-funded work opportunity offered to students who demonstrate financial need according to the FAFSA. The average job represents seven hours of work per week at the current minimum wage for academic year earnings of $1,525. Unlike most other types of aid, work-study earnings are not automatically applied as payment toward the student’s semester bill. Students electronically record their hours worked every two weeks and are paid the following week. Students may authorize that their earnings be directly deposited into a personal bank account or to apply toward an unpaid balance in their UE student account.

New students who accept on-campus employment via their Financial Aid Notification will receive an application electronically. Detailed instructions and payroll forms will be made available to new students during the summer prior to the freshman year.

University Of Evansville Work-study Employment

All of the information above also applies to UE work-study employment. However, this program is completely funded by UE resources. If you are not offered on-campus employment as part of your financial aid award but would like to apply, you may complete a work application in the Office of Financial Aid during the first week of classes. Interested students should also contact the Center for Career Development for referral to off-campus employment opportunities.

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