Maximum Gift Aid Policies

What Is Gift Aid?

Gift aid is a form of financial aid that is free to the student. Unlike student loans, the student does not later repay gift aid or perform work in exchange for the aid (as is the case with a work-study job).

Types and Sources of Gift Aid

Some gift aid is mer¬it-based, such as scholarships. Other gift aid is need-based, and eligibility is determined by the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Gift aid can be funded by the University of Evansville, state or federal sources, or outside agencies, such as civic organizations and churches.

University of Evansville Policy Regarding Maximum Gift Aid

We encourage students to seek out all types of financial aid aggressively. Some students are fortunate to receive gift aid from a variety of sources. The maximum amount of gift aid that a student may retain during a single academic year is:

  • Student resides on campus: Total gift aid is limited to an amount equal to the sum of tuition, fees (activity, technology, health and wellness), room, board, and a $2,500 allowance for books or other expenses.
  • Student commutes from parents’ home: Total gift aid will be limited to an amount equal to tuition, fees (activity, technology, health and wellness), and a $2,500 allowance for books or other expenses

If a student earns gift aid in excess of the amount outlined above, UE will reduce one or more forms of University-funded gift aid by the amount of the excess.

Full-tuition Program Policies

The University of Evansville has a customized policy for the administration of gift aid in conjunction with the following programs: Lilly Foundation Community Scholarship, Tuition Exchange Scholarships, National Merit Finalist Scholarships, and Employee Dependent/Employee Tuition Benefits. Please request copies of specific policies from the UE Office of Financial Aid. The following UE add-on awards may not be earned in addition to an award already valued at full-tuition: UE Academic Achievement Award, Ensemble Participation Award, Scholar Day Awards (Davidson, Direct-entry PT, Global Business, Engineering), Sibling Scholarship, Legacy, United Methodist, Ridgway, Scout.

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