Outside Scholarships From Private Sources

Students are required to report the receipt of scholarships from organizations such as civic groups, schools, businesses, and churches. Most organizations will send a co-payable check to the University that must be endorsed by the student before it can be applied to the student’s UE account. Unless otherwise directed by the donor, the scholarships are divided equally between the fall and spring semesters. If at all possible, outside scholarships will be added to other financial aid awarded for the academic year. However, if any part of the financial aid award is federal, we are required to comply with the federal regulation, which says we must not exceed financial need as demonstrated on the FAFSA. If something must be reduced (so as not to exceed need), it will be done in the following order: loans, work, Federal SEOG, and University of Evansville grants. Under no circumstances is the sum of all financial aid allowed to exceed the cost of education. See also UE Gift Aid Policies.

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