Private Scholarships

The University of Evansville recommends that you search aggressively for additional scholarships from sources outside of colleges and the government. Focus your search at the local level by checking for scholarship information from these sources:

  • Your high school guidance office
  • Civic groups in your community
  • Your church
  • Your place of employment and parents' places of employment
  • Trust Department at your local bank
  • Retail stores

You might be approached by a scholarship search service that charges a fee. We highly recommend that you do not use this method of searching for scholarships. However, here are several well-known free scholarship search services.

In most cases, private scholarships that you receive will be added to your other financial aid. In fact, UE has an extremely generous policy that allows you to accumulate private scholarships until you have paid your directly-billed charges for tuition, regularly assessed required annual fees, on-campus room and meal plan, and a $1,500 allowance for books.

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